Precision Athlete changed my life

Precision Athlete taught me how to push myself. Precision Athlete taught me how pushing myself in every workout pays off and how good it feels to do so. Precision Athlete gave me the opportunity to learn all of this, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

– Joey Weiman

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What can I say about Annie that won't sound like I'm exaggerating - she's by far the best Trainer I've ever had.

– James T. / New York, NY

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A wonderful instructor

I got to work with Annie as a victim at the RKC in Orlando. Her sense of humor helped to convey very important information me to excel in my basic kettlebell drills.

– By Peter / Tampa, FL

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Kettle Queen

Annie Vo is a tough but fair trainer who has inspired me and pushed me to go further than I thought possible.

– Valerie F. / New York, NY

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Thorough & Thoughtful

Constantly monitoring progress related to movement, strength, stability, and endurance, I am confident that I am working with someone who is both extremely knowledgeable and conscientious.

– Sarah B./ NY, NY

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Results Not Regrets!

If you want to fast track your Kettlebell training you must seek out Antonio Cordova. His professionalism and knowledge are unmatched. I highly recommend his services.

– Jon Engum SR. RKC - Minnesota

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Great time getting to know Antonio!

If you are in the New York area,make it a point to check him out. Trust me, there are few people that I would recommend to train with and he is one of them.

– Juan Bacca RKC - Dania Beach, Florida

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A superlative fitness instructor

Antonio designed a highly dynamic, very innovative kettlebell program that is perfectly calibrated to my progress.

– Andrew A - New York, NY

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Good To Go-Ultimate Professional

If you're serious about getting stronger, faster or just want to get into great shape, and want to be pushed beyond your limits, Antonio is your man.

– By Al Caceres - NY NY

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what can I say about Antonio..he is what you call a trainers trainer..he pushes you hard and yet he is the most giving coach anybody could have..his knodwelge of KB’S are 2nd to none and his understanding of body movements and machanics are virtually unparalled and watch out if he feels that your not getting […]

– David Pugh - Brooklyn, NY

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