Precision Athlete is a facility.  It is a place where many different kinds of athletes and non-athletes train.  These individuals undergo various forms of physical and psychological training  to achieve specific and measurable goals. Performance is championed over appearance and the training environment reflects this.  Our athletes gain physical and psychological strength to improve their overall performance–in particular, their ability to do a specific task. We help clients improve functional strength, power, endurance–whatever the task requires. If you’re willing to test your limits then you stand to gain something here.

Precision Athlete represents years of experience, rigorous evaluation and thorough research. Each athlete requires varied and complex training which evolves over time.  There are no clear cut strategies to achieve goals only tools and discipline to achieve them. Our methods are derived from old school training techniques, new methods, the latest research, ingenuity and creativity which is present in every workout.  Our philosophy is based on the principles of Gym Jones, kettlebell training, Olympic lifting, power lifting, gymnastics and tactical training. Although our methods evolve our belief remains the same-you get back what you put in.